Bars in Denver

Bars in Denver…they’re everywhere, in every neighborhood, sometimes on every corner of a neighborhood. Want to go out tonight, or this afternoon, or tomorrow morning, but can’t decide where to hang?


Click around our collection of Denver bars, and soon, you’ll be inspired to…grab a beer with friends, dress up for a night on the town, listen to jazz in a dim lit room, challenge a stranger to a game of pool, drop a coin in a jukebox, or meet the next love of your life…the possibilities are as varied as your imagination when it comes to Denver’s bar scene.


We’ve narrowed down the options and assembled lists and descriptions of Denver bars, organizing the information by location and type.


Want to visit an elegant bar, fashioned after the art deco period of the 1930s? That would be the Cruise Room, inside the Oxford Hotel in downtown Denver. How about the Denver bar that has liquor license #1 for the state of Colorado? Drop by the Buckhorn Exchange. Need to choose from 112 varieties of champagne? Corridor 44 would be your place. 600 boxes of cigars in stock? The Robusto Room. The bar that sells Girl Scout cookies in February? My Brother's Bar. A spot to park your cruiser bike? Governor's Park or the Ginn Mill. An infamous Denver dive bar? The Lancer Lounge, Don's Tavern, or Pete's Satire Lounge. A Denver bar with more than 100 arcade games? Dave & Buster's.


Whatever your interest, however peculiar your desires, there's a bar in Denver for you!


Work your way around the website, work your way around the town…visit one Denver bar or visit them all…just remember to drink responsibly. 



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Bar Talk

 Thanks to Denver's great weather, you can Denver's patio bars almost 12 months of the year.


Marlowe's, on the 16th Street Mall, has been around since the Mall  opened in 1982 - a veritable lifetime in bar years.


 A "flight" of wine or champagne refers to a collection of 2-ounce samples that have something in common (made from the same grape, produced by the same vineyard in different years, wines or champagines from the same country, etc.).


More power to the pedalers - check out the bars that we've added to the Cruiser bar section of this site. A special thanks to Alexander Reshetniak, a bigwig at Denver Cruisers, for his input and suggestions.